5 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 Rs (June 2020)

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

Are you searching for some best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 Rupees?

Listening to music for 10 minutes in earphones can relive a lot from the stress. It would be an enjoyable and stress melting process.

How would you react if you went to know that the earphones are also available in Bluetooth as wireless earphones? So you don’t require those wires which limits your reach and ultimate enjoyability.

I can bet you are tiered hard of some those expensive Bluetooth earphones that never satisfy its price. Now forget about all those stress that you got in search of the perfect pair of headphones. This article will be your final choice.

There are various brands of wireless earphones in the market that make it a little tricky for you to choose the best among those. But don’t worry about, we have made it easy in this article.

Here, we have the list of some well selling Bluetooth Earphones that I have tried and still loving.

List of Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

1. Realme Buds Wireless

Realme has been the great heart winner of million of peoples through its various electronic stuffs. Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth earphone is one of its popular earphones that is most demanded in the market. 

It is most loving because of its premium design. Thanks to realme for such product that is richer in terms of look as well as quality.

The Thicker wire of these earphones is tangle-free and stronger makes you risk-free of getting it broken easily.

Each part of the earphone, especially the perfect colour combinations that are chosen for the wires and the neckband makes it more premium among the whole crowd.

The Wireless Earphone comes with 11.2 Bass drivers that Multiples and Boosts Its Bass Quality, Which serves a worthful bass Quality. In terms of sound, It has a powerful and satisfying sound quality.


Battery: Once It is fully charged, you can enjoy this for about 10-11 hours easily. Although the company claims its battery backup for 12 hours. The battery backup of these earphones is just awesome.

With 10 minutes of charging you can enjoy it for 100 minutes. It also supports fast charging. These Bluetooth earphones take near 1.5 hours to get charged fully.

Bluetooth: It has Bluetooth version 5.0 makes the Bluetooth quality superior up to the considerable distance. The Bluetooth Range is better than some those earphones with v4.1 or  v4.2.

The sound quality, as well as the microphone quality, do not degrade while moving into the other room.

Fitting: The fitting of these earphones are highly comfortable. You aren’t going to get any problem in these earphones during gym and jogging. It perfectly fits into your ear and let you enjoy all the melodies.

With the use of microphones, you can quickly make and receive calls. The microphones are of good quality.

Pros and Cons

  • Light Weighed and Comfortable.
  • Excellent Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Nice Battery Backup.
  • Budget fit Sound and Bass Quality.
  • Noise Cancellation isn't too Good.

2. Xiaomi Sports


This Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphone has been a reliable Earphones in this range. Specially it is mostly recommended for physical activities or exercises. It has been chosen by thousands of peoples.

Even it can bet, In terms of sound quality, the Mi sports may compete the realme Buds.

The Xiaomi Sports is solely made up of plastic which makes it lightweight at just 13.6 gram weighted, but degrades the durability considerably.

Note That: “Earphones with the plastic build doesn’t prove it a more weak or cheap looking. Although it is plus feature of these Bluetooth earphones for a better comfortability and lifting it easily anywhere anytime”.

The earbuds of Xoami Sports have been given a new stylish design to make it more impressive for the users. Even the ear hooks are totally rotatable to 360 degrees to get it always fitted in your ear grooves.

Since the cable is more stretchable and tangle-free but having more possibilities to get stretches after long use (If you are going to use the same for the years).

The Sound Quality of this Mi Earphone is above average. Here above average doesn’t make it above with real me buds in terms of sound quality. 

The Price matter differently for every wireless earphone, since it is cheaper than Realme Buds Wireless.

It will be great to go for better listening practices.

At the bass point of view, The earphone is just at normal that means you are getting a nice bass but still isn’t recommended for heavy bass lovers. If you are fine with the normal bass and want just a piece of clear music. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

If you Love Bassy music regardless of other music ingredients like vocals then you must go with boAt rockers.


Battery: The battery backup as claimed by the company is 9 hours. But overall, Once fully charged you can enjoy this for 6-7 hours easily. Although Redmi Claims battery backup of 8 hours, It lasts about 5-6 hours which is a decent battery backup.

Bluetooth: These Xoami Wireless Earphones have Bluetooth version 4.1. You won’t feel any distortion in sound quality while moving into another room. But the range could be a bit better with Bluetooth version 5.0. Overall It gives you a decent range.

Fitting: The fitting of these Xiaomi Earphones is comfortable and perfectly fits in your ears. You won’t experience any problem in comfortability with these earphones.

Especially during a workout its extra fittings and listed weight body will never get you away from your aim. Even IPX4 Technology had made it a sweat-proof and water-resistant earphone without any worry to your exercise.

Microphone Quality: The Microphone quality of these earphones is quite good. You will not face any problem in calling through these microphones. Two switches for volume up and down and down and a multifunction button has been provided in the Mic-remote.

Something special that you are getting along with these earphones is the 4 extra-sized pairs of earphones, plus one already jointed to the earphones. More Over, a USB Cable for charging and warranty for 6 months.

Pros and Cons

  • Premium Built Quality
  • Amazing Sound Quality.
  • More Comfortable to Ears.
  • Durable Battery Life.
  • The sound little Muffles when the connected device is far.

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3. JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless

JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless

The JBL Earphones have a huge range and number of earphones including wired and wireless that are available in the market with a lot of loving features.

The JBL T205BT is another excellent Best in-ear Bluetooth Headphone below 2,000 Rs. that I have included in one of my favourite lists.

These wireless earphones have apple AirPods like finish. The fitting is comfortable and loose for your ear. It has a mixed plastic and Metallic body which gives a more premium look.

First of all, in terms of expression, the Bluetooth earphone is unbeatable under such budget. Each part of the earphone has been designed in a manner to disclose its quality in every manner of aspect.

The earbuds of JBL T205BT are totally made up of quality metal, even it’s weight is around 54 grams. Thereafter, it serves a light weighted experience and treats like totally friendly to your ears.

The cable of these JBL Bluetooth earphones is also qualitative. The flat and a braided cable of these earphones are totally tangle-free as well.

There are no ear hooks in earbuds of these wireless earphone still it is more comfortable and gets fits perfectly to the ear canvas. Similarly, these earphones are ear tips free. That is what we all need.

The pro bass quality of JBL T205BT provides a powerful and deep bass just because of its 12.5mm Drivers. As well as the clear sound filters your music without getting any muffle in your vocules due to extra heavy bass.

Even the apple ear-pods are failed to facilitate such sound preface and didn’t succeed to beat these earphones. 

This may be a great choice for those who want their music filled with extra bass and sound quality.


Battery: Once fully charged you can enjoy this for 4-5 hours easily. Although the company claims the battery backup of 6 hours. The battery of these earphones backup is just average. 

Bluetooth: It has Bluetooth version 4.0 but it feels much better than boAt rocker’s Bluetooth range.

There is no distortion in sound quality and microphone quality while moving from one room to another. The range is quite comparable with realme Bluetooth handsets.

Microphone Quality: The microphone quality of these JBL T205Bt Wireless earphones are good. you aren’t going to get any issue while receiving calls and using voice assistants like google.

The Noise cancellations in these earphones block almost 70-80% of your background noise that is good if you want to get connected with a little background. More than these, you will get a warranty of 1 year through the manufacture and a USB Cable Included in the Box.

Pros and Cons

  • Innovative Built Quality.
  • More Light Weighted.
  • Good Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Flat and Tangle Free Quality Wire.
  • Battery life could be better.

4. Boat Rockerz 255 Sports


The boat is another popular brand of Various headphones presented a lot of worthier kinds of stuff that are loved by thousands. You can’t tell yourself a true music lover if you haven’t ever listened to this name.

I am there pointing about boAt rockerz 255 that is another one of the best selling in-ear headphones that can compete with most of the earphones under such budget especially in terms of it heavy bass.

The earbuds are magnetic and made up of premium plastic that makes the whole earphone light-weighted just around 27 gram. Is that not amazing? now lift it anywhere anytime as well as doesn’t makes it feel like a burden on your neck

The cable is a flat braided wire that is totally tangle-free. Even the length of the cable is longer than other earphones.

Great thanks to IPX5 technology to make it sweat and water-resistant to get free of worry that disturbs your concentrations during your workout.

The company claims for a super extra bass that is really true. In mostly boat headsets, I found the most common issue regarding its bass quality but the boat rockerz 255 totally satisfied me. You will not get such punchy and heavy bass under such budget of 1500 rupees.

The sound quality is even better. Since the heavy bass definitely impacts the vocules and disturbs the clearness of the sound quality. But a true bass lover never minds such little impacts.


Battery: With 110mah battery capacity, you can enjoy your music for approx 6 hours without any disturbance. That may not be too much for those who spent more than 6 hours with music a day. Really?

Bluetooth: It has Bluetooth version 4.1 which is provided by the Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset. This makes the Bluetooth quality superior up to the long distance. The Bluetooth Range is average like other earphones for about 20-25 Feet.

You will not experience any problem with the Bluetooth range if your phone and the earphone are in the same room. But If you move into another room while calling then the microphone quality degrades considerably.

Fitting: The earbuds are made with premium material. True craftsmanship makes it highly comfortable for ear fitting. This fitting allows you to move freely to do any physical activity.

You need not to worry about the earphones during jogging or any other exercises. Its fitting keeps it intact with your ear.

Microphone Quality: With the help of the microphone, you can receive calls and use many kinds of smartphone voice assistants like Google assistant. Two switches for volume and track changing whereas a multifunctional button is also provided.

Other than this, you are getting two extra different sized pair of earbuds and a USB cable within the box. One year replacement policy has also been facilitated.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Bass for Bass Lovers.
  • Very Comfortable fitting.
  • Perfect sound Quality.
  • Thicker and Stronger Wire.
  • No cons found so far.

5. Mivi ThunderBeats


The next item that I have included is Mivi Thunderbeats. Thunder beats itself defining something like the beats of thunder. The Bass of these Bluetooth earphones is exactly like that. 

I have found a lot of handful of features that make this earphone included in my favourite earphones and you have your rights to get informed about all those without making a purchase of it.

The Earbuds of these Bluetooth earphones are made up of a metallic body and come with a magnetic lock that is common among almost every wireless earphone.

Even the flat and tangle-free quality cable is a perfect combination with these mivi wireless earphones. CVC 6. 0 passive noise cancellations allow removing all those unwanted background noises that are a big hurdle between you and your music.

More than these, the IPX4 technology makes it worry-free sweat and water-resistant earphone. 

The sound quality is quite good. Whereas the more thumping bass is excellent. Most recommended for bass lovers. Again the heavy bass is creating some hurdle in the vocals and makes unclear some percentage of your music’s sound. 

But a thumping bass is still better and such little impact in vocals isn’t a big issue if we are getting a heavier bass.


Battery Backup: With a battery capacity of 120mah, The company claims battery backup of 7 hours and I found it average like other Bluetooth earphones in this range. Even I don’t think you can listen to your music for more than  7 hours. It may be satisfying.

Bluetooth: Mivi ThunderBeats has Bluetooth version 5.0 that gives you a decent range of about 10-12 meters. You won’t feel any problem in Bluetooth connectivity even moving into another room. 

Fitting: These wireless Bluetooth earphones have a tight and comfortable fitting. You will get different earbuds options so you can choose the most comfortable with your ear.

Microphone Quality: The microphone quality of these earphones is good as well as stronger in quality. Getting you three multifunctional buttons to limit your music without looking at your smartphone. 

Pros and Cons

  • More Bassy and Quality Sound.
  • Awesome Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Noise Cancellation is too Good.
  • The Flat- Tangle free Wire.
  • Battery Backup is Average.

” Both  Boat Rockerz 255 and Mivi Thunderbeats are at top on List of Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1,500 Rupees.”

Some Related Questions On Best Wireless Earphones

What is the best Bluetooth Earphone under Rs.2000 for sports activities?

For Sports Activities, We highly recommend going with Xoami Sports. These Mi earphones are specially launched for physical activities with its tight and comfortable fittings.

How long does the battery of a Bluetooth earphone last?

Each wireless headphone has its own specified battery backup. For example, Mivi thunder beats claim for 11 hours of unstoppable music listening whereas the Xoami sports facilitates just 9 hours of battery life.

Which Bluetooth earphone is better: Boat Rockerz 255 or MI sports Bluetooth earphone?

It may be a bit tough to pick the best one among two heart winners. But going with boat-rockers 255 will be more beneficial. The reason I have explained earlier.

So finally, This was the list of best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 Rupees that was ever demanded in the market and still getting more popular day by day in 2020.

Don’t waste most of your’s important seconds in reading or searching for another wireless Bluetooth earphone. you will get the same list everywhere.

I will highly recommend to set up your mindset about which all features do you really need in your earphones and then Hunt for your best one accordingly that specifications you really need.

Here is a Buying guide about best picking of Headphone that may help you if you are too confused to Choose the best one.

Still have a Doubt?, Feel free to put a comment below. We will reply with your solutions within a few minutes. (You can ask freely for any recommendation about earphones, Hurry Up!)


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