Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500 Rs. (June 2020)

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500

Are you wondering for best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rupees?

Well, We can help you with this topic. Here, I have some best-wired earphones that I bet, you will definitely love all of them. The great news is that the earphones are available on amazon.

Wireless Earphone is today more demanded in the market. The reason may simple Behind it, peoples are just bored of those methods to keep plugged those jack and the limited reach of those wires of earphones during listing music.

A Bluetooth Earphone makes it easy to keep using your earphones without getting it touched through your smartphones and makes you free of those long cable wires.

Let’s have a quick ride to our collected list.

List of Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500

1. Mivi ThunderBeats Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


Mivi Thunderbeats let you feel the real thumping bass even within a low budget. These Earphones was launched recently in 2017 with a price of nearly 2,300 rupees, but now its price is minimised to make it a budget fir and worthy earphones below 1,500.

Let’s find what are the reasons behind choosing it?

The Earbuds are magnetic as well as metallic that is a plus point. You can just joint both earbuds and store in back of your neck when not in use. The Decent design of these Earphones makes it more stylish and simple. 

The Ear hooks and Earbuds of each earphone are soft and more comfortable for the ears.

If we conclude about the cable, the cable is a flat and tangle-free wire with a nice quality that isn’t cheap. The length of the cable is at average which is fine for a wireless earphone.

The Thunderbeats in its name defines its bass Quality itself. It is highly recommended for the bass lover who are looking for earphone under this price range. Its punchy bass is really going to serve you an amazing thunder Base.

Whereas in Sound Quality terms, such boosted bass creates a little impact to its sound Listening experience. The vocals are little stifled. When the mivi thunderbeats were available at above 2000 Rupees, it might be a considerable issue.

But now Under 1500 Rupees price range, it is more than expectations and an excellent choice.


Noise Cancellation: I found the noise cancellation at just incredible. When you are listening to your music at full volume, the noise cancellation blocks approx 90% of the background noise to make your listening experience totally disturb free. 

Battery: Here you get a battery backup of approximate 7 – 8 hours. Since 7 hours is enough to spent continuously with your music, but it could be more better.

Remote In-line & MicrophoneTwo volume up-down button, A play pause or call attending button and a microphone is provided there in the In-line Remove.

Other than this, You are getting two extra-sized ear tips as well as Ear hooks (A small Sized and A Large-sized ). It is simple to set your fit able ear hooks and ear tips

Some Time In Amazon Deals, the product is available at just Rs 999. Grab it now.

Pros and Cons

  • Superb Noise Cancellation.
  • Thunder Bolt Bass.
  • Tangle free Quality Wire.
  • Metallic and Magnectic earbuds.
  • The Extra Base little impact the vocals.

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2. Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Wireless Headphone


The next item appears in our list is Boat Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Earphones. Let me tell you, these are one of the best selling earphones at amazon. Let’s have a quick review about all those features that is making its one of the most demanded earphones in 2020.

The first priority is towards its build quality. Mostly we want a simple and smooth design that makes it premium in the middle of a crowd. Just only to make the group near you jealous of you.

The Earbuds are magnetic as well as half-metallic. I just loved the Earbuds Comfortability. The earbuds area, where ear tips are joined are little tilted as a compatibility improvement.

The ear hooks in earbuds are grippy, that softly fits our ear canvas and more friendly to our ears as well.

But, I found the nick band a bit plasticky, it isn’t made more stretchable or of rubber quality. and hence, gives is a cheap consideration. But overall, not a big issue.

Hey bass lover you search ends here. Most people need a bassy earphone, then this one is going to be your marvellous choice. The Bass Quality of Boat Rockerz is much amazing than the average. Yes, it is above the average. 

The sound is also nice and fits better under this budget. But again, the more heavy bass means it little muffles the normal or small drops of the Sound Quality. More heavy bass definitely impacts the music clearance. 

But that may be your favourable one.


Battery: None of us to charge again and again our mobile phone as well as a headset. A long durable Bluetooth Earphone is sure a good choice. Here, you get a battery backup of nearly 6 hours that isn’t wondrous news but it is at average.

Remote In-line: The remote inline contains a volume up-down and a play-pause button that is common among all.

Noise Cancellation: Like the thunderbeats, The noise cancellation is really clap able. It takes you away from all those loud environments to let you enjoy your music world.

Two extra-pair of earbuds, and a USB cable you are getting with these Boat Rokerz 255. Sadly, there is no extra ear hooks like mivi thunderbeats.

Pros and Cons

  • Superb heavy Bass.
  • Amazing Comfortability.
  • Large Cable.
  • Better Noise Cancellation.
  • Battery life isn't impressive.

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3. Mi Sports Wireless


So, our third item in list is Mi Sports. I don’t think that I need to explain about how popular is Mi in terms of Quality. Probably, you may know better than me. The earphone is a perfect sports ready earphone as its name defines itself.

Let’s check, will it be a good choice to go with it.

In terms of Build Quality, Mi had never compromised. Specially In earphones, Mi always provides a new touch to build quality. Thanks to Mi to prepare such earphones that are designed at the level that is above the satisfying level.

The earbuds of Mi sports appears to be more premium. With the perfect ear hooks that can be rotated to 360 degrees to get it fit any corner of your ear grooves. This is only to serve you more of your comfort.

With a weight around 13.6 gram, It gets listed in the list of most lightweight earphone that I hadn’t found ever. Such a great afford doesn’t make it feel like an earphone. It gets hide with our body weight in feel.

Moreover, With IPX4 rating and water-resistant or totally sweat-proof technology makes its a workout ready and sports fit earphone. As well as makes your earphone risk-free even during raining.

Due to its excellent bass quality, It is mostly recommended for bass lover. Similarly, the sound quality is also average. Some of the earphone’s with heavy bass impact some vocals of the sound. But there is nothing like that.

The bass is at above of average whereas the decent sound quality isn’t going to create any kind of such effect or disturbance to get your loving music reached you.

I don’t think that someone needs more than such efforts in sound and beating bass.


Battery: The earphone has ranked high in the battery test. With 9 hours of battery backup as mention with the ear set, you will get around 8 hours of battery life that is enough to stay connected with your music whenever you need, without charging at twice or thrice.

Whereas it needs around 1.5-2 hours to refill its battery.

Bluetooth Connectivity: You will get it with Bluetooth version 4.1. Perhaps it could be better with the latest version of 5.0. But not a big issue, still 4.1 is n’t too weak. It doesn’t let your connectivity within a range of 9-10 metres.

Microphone Remote: Normally, you are getting the same three buttons on the remote. Two buttons are just for volume up and down whereas a multifunctional button to attend your calls and play-pause your audio. No audio next and previous switch.

In most headsets, you get 2 extra-sized ear tips. But, here you are getting 4 extra different sized ear tip that means a total of 5 pair of earphones. It facilitating you with more choices to pick your favourite one that fits you better.

Pros and Cons

  • Just 13g of weight make it most light weight.
  • 9 hours of Battery Backup.
  • Excellent Fittings.
  • Sports and Workout Ready.
  • Bluetooth Version 4.1.

4. Boult Audio ProBass Space


The Boult Audio ProBass Space is ranking four in our list, Another budget winning earphones that cost less than 1500 Rs. I had found some of the hidden features of this earphone that I thought to let you know about it.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to praise this headset anymore. Let’s have a quick review of its features that defines it itself.

The Quality and design of these earphones had been tried to provide you with a premium experience. The Earbuds comes with a metallic body and are magnetic as well to get it attached to your neck. 

Just to have a look at its wire quality that is marvellous. The wire is flat and more qualitative. Other then this, these are thicker and much stronger as well that clearly shows that you will never get any quality-related issue. 

Moreover, the fitting of earbuds is just superb due to its soft and compatible ear hooks and ear tips. Now, leave your worry of losing your music during running, climbing, cycling or other exercises and workouts.

Like Mivi Thunderbeats, where its thunder beats in the name were defining its bass quality. Similarly, In Boult Audio ProBass, The ProBass in its name is telling too much about its bass quality. The Base really extra deep and can easily boom your boring day with little more joy.

The Sound Quality is also better under and may be more than your expectations. If you loved to listen to music with much clarity in your sound, you may get bit muffled and unclear sound due to its Extra Bass.

But Again, The earphone is much better for hard bass lover and those who will manage this dot-like muffled unclearness in sound Quality.


Battery: The battery life can be average. You are getting a battery backup of almost 5-6 hours and if you are listing at middle volume, you will able to continue your music longer.

Bluetooth Connectivity: You are getting lostless connection at the range of 10-11 metres that is average and expected in such earphone. But, you may face little issues when your connect smartphone is farther with the earphone or maybe while you are running, The sound clearance may have little muffling.

Remote in-line: Even the remote is having the same specifications changing the song track, multifunctional button to answer or reject your calls and activate the google or Siri with a long press. Perhaps the building design of the remote in-line could be improved.

Other than these, the IP5X technology makes it more friendly for your workouts and serves better sweat and water resistance. More, you will get two extra-sized earbuds with the headset, a USB Cable and warranty of 1-year through the Manufacture that is perfect.

Pros and Cons

  • More Punchy and Deep Bass.
  • Better Fittings.
  • Perfect need for your sports or workouts.
  • Lossless Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Just 5-6 hours of battery backup.
  • Mic Remote isn't stylish.

5. Ptron Tangent Pro


PTron Tangent Evo that prices below 1,000 rupees are another stylish earphone that totally worth its price.

Excellent battery life, comfortability, built design and connectivity is somewhere a reason in making these earphones chosen by thousands.

Let me clear it.

Firstly, the earphones are free of ear hooks and ear tips like JBL T205BT. The metallic earbuds ( Weights around 25g) are stylish, premium and build up with a quality metal in an ear-friendly and comfortable manner.

The Headphone comes with anti-dust and sweatproof earbuds wth secure and tight-fitting to your ear and makes it totally ready to go with your sports whenever. The neckband is flatter, flexible and designed up of durable silicone.

The 14.5mm speaker drivers deliver you more clear and a high sound to get you entertained ever. Whereas, In terms of bass, please don’t go with this. Since even the company doesn’t claim anything for the bass. You may get the normal bass like the normal earphones.

But if you are fine with the crispier and quality sound and that matters more than bass for you, don’t waste a while in searching for other alternatives.


Battery: The 140mah of battery facilitates your almost 6-7 hours of disturb free battery life to get lost in your music. For motivational songs during your exercise or yoga etc, it will keep you always concentrated with your job with just 1.5 hours (nearly) of charing once.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Luckily, you are getting the latest version 5.0 of Bluetooth with EDR technology that many expensive headphones lack. This makes your connectivity stronger, stable and serves you faster transmission speed. (you can pair two devices easily)

Remote in-line: The remote consist of three multifunctional buttons including a two-volume and track changing buttons and a button for play/pause and attending your calls.

Other than these, you will get a warranty of almost 12 months through the manufacture.

Pros and Cons

  • Lossless Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Clear Sound Quality.
  • Tight fittings.
  • More Durable Battery Life.
  • Average Bass Quality.

So, These were few Best Bluetooth earphones below Rs. 1500 in India that I found better and high rated to get it mentioned in my list.

Hope, your search ended here and you have been chosen your favourite earphone. Still, need any suggestion and help? Put a comment below I will definitely help you. Don’t worry it’s free.

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