Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000 Rs (June 2020)


Truly, you might be looking out for Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000 Rupees.

I can feel how hard is it becoming day by day to find out the best headphone among the various similar stuff available with nearly the same specifications.

Just Calm down, You don’t need to worry about it any more. In this post, I have tried each of my efforts to make this list of Bluetooth earphones your last hunt.

Wireless Earphones are today more demanded than those wired earphones, where the wires limit your reach to your favourite music.

I have compared all the those high rated earphones and filtered out these some best winning Earphone. So, let’s dive in.

List Of Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000

1. PTron Tangent Pro​


PTron had been a well-reputed brand in earphones industry. Especially, I have personally used and loved most of its pair of Earphones. PTron Tangent Pro is another budget fit wireless earphones that also had been liked by thousands of Peoples. 

Let me flash out all those features that force to keep it number one at the list of best Bluetooth earphones less than 1000 Rs.

The natural things that I had ever found the same in most of the Bluetooth earphones, is the magnetic earbuds the same you are getting here. As well as the earbuds with a metallic finish looking more shining.

There is one of the best things, I loved in PTron Tangent Pro is its light-weight body. The whole earphone is just around 35gm which is too light-weighted that doesn’t make it a burden on your neck after wearing it for a number of hours.

So, you don’t need any ear hooks that irritate your soft ears. Just wear it and stay comfortable that your ear loves.

Sound and Bass Quality are two basic factors that people consider before purchasing a Headphone. Why not?, Had you ever seen earphones without sound?

No one can compromise with any of them. 

PTron Tangent pro is getting you more clear and crispier sound quality, a great reason why the earphone is more demanded? and Forced me to put it at my Top list of earphones.

Whereas in terms of bass, No one can expect too much in this budget. You are getting the average level of bass quality. 

(Note: You are a heavy bass lover, Here I have of a list of some bassy earphones that will cost your just 100Rs -200Rs more.)


Battery: The earphone is mostly demanded for its battery life. You are getting 160mah of battery life with 8 hours battery backup of music listening and taking time experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Not only battery, but The Bluetooth connectivity is also one of its features as well. Here, you getting version 5.0 of Bluetooth that makes its connectivity stronger.

Remote In-lineThe remote is attached to the neckband, containing a Volume up-down and play-pause button that can be used for call attending as well. The Quality of the mic-remote is designed of a plastic body that makes it tiny cheaper.

Two extra Different sized earbuds are included in the packed box (Sadly no extra ear hook). 

Pros and Cons

  • 8 hours of Battery Backup.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity.
  • Decent and Quality Design.
  • More Light Weight.
  • Not too Punchy Bass.

2. Xmate Mana


Xmate is another brand of Various electronic and digital accessories having an agreement with Amazon, presenting its Xmate Mana Wireless Headphone. An Earphone that is facilitating a number of satisfying features within a minimum Price. 

The Premium design is our primary need. Whether the earphones aren’t good in Quality, but we need a stylish one just to jealous the whole group of peoples.

Here you get what you need, The smooth finish of Xmate mana makes it shinier and presents a new glance that isn’t looking cheaper anywhere.

The earbuds of these Bluetooth earphones are magnetic and can be joint together with your neck when not in use. The earbuds are titled down, to make it more comfortable to your ear. Earhooks are soft and Friendly to your ear grooves.

The earphones with totally plastic build quality are stronger and with just 25gm of weight makes it more light-weighted.

The earphone has been designed with IP6x that is making it dust and water-resistant, and anti sweat proof as well. These some features are making it a sport ready and workout-Fit wireless earphones below 1000 Rupees.

The Bass is nice and maybe heavier for those peoples who are fine with average bass. Not a bit bass is trouble and muffling a unit of sound quality. The earphone is ready to serve you a thumping bass without a little impact in the clearance of the Sound Quality.

It totally makes you fall in the world of your pleasing music with a noise cancellation that blocks almost 95% of your disturbing background music.


Battery: With 180mah of battery capacity, You are getting almost 7-8 hours of battery backup that keeps you always active with your rocking music.

Bluetooth Connectivity: It comes with Bluetooth version 4.2 with a transmission range of 10-11 metres.

Remote In-lineTwo volume controlling or song changing button with a call picking and hold up buttons are available there in the mic. Other than it, a mic and Led indication also facilitated in the remote.

Two Extra ear tips of different sized and a USB charge has been provided with the pack. ( sadly No extra Ear Hooks).

Pros and Cons

  • 7-8 hours of Long Battery Life.
  • Sports and Workout Ready.
  • Light Weighted (just 25gm).
  • Premium designed.
  • Plastic Build Quality.

3. Leaf Sports Wireless

The third item that I found to list is leaf sports wireless Earphones. The leaf is a developing brand that is founded recently in march 2014 and getting popular day by day with its various users loving Headphones and Earphones, mostly in the sports category.

Leaf Sports defines itself that it is going to be something better for sports.

A new glance has been given to these earphones that is making it more premium. A large rubber hook has been attached to both earbuds that are unremovable and similarly makes it a sports compatible earbud.

As well you have been facilitated IPX4 sweat Proof built Quality. Now, you can focus more on your workout or exercise without any disturbance and risk-free of losing these earbuds from your ear canvas.

The weight of the Whole earphone is just 50gm, proving it more light-weighted. The Wires are flat and tangle-free. Even the quality sounds better.

With a nice frequency range around 20Hz-20kHz and sensitivity as well, it is serving amazing sound quality in such a cheap budget. A number of people found it a worthy headset.

The earphone isn’t much bassy, it is at average and worthy as well. You can’t expect a heavy Bass in just 1,000 Rupees. I’m not going to recommend it for heavy bass lover.

(Here, I have Listed some heavy bass and good sound quality Bluetooth Earphones under 1,500 Rupees )


Battery: The Battery life is up to 6 hours. If you are listening to your music at medium volume It will be living almost 5-6 hours easily. Whereas, if you are listing at the full volume, it will get end at almost 3 hours. Whereas, It takes 1 to 1.5 of hours in changing it to full.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Here, You are getting Bluetooth version 4.1 that will get your device connected with headset within a range of 10 metres.

Remote In-lineThere is a single remote for USB charging and the mic in-line as well. A great thing is that you are getting two buttons for both volume and song changing and a multifunctional button just to attend your call.

Moreover, 2 Extra and different sized earbuds have been provided with a USB Cable. ( No Extra Earhooks, Since the Earhooks, are Unremovable)

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Build Quality.
  • More Sports Friendly.
  • Tangle free Flat wire.
  • Light Weighted.
  • Not a Bassy Earphone.

So, these were some more demanded best wireless Bluetooth earphones below 1000 Rupees. Other than this, if you can increase your budget at 1,500 rupees. 

Let me know in the comment section if this article helped you with your final choice.

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